viernes, marzo 02, 2007

Whenever you want it, just tap me on the shoulder

Larry David y su esposa se acuestan, y ella se da cuenta de que es la que siempre tira los galgos.

Cecyl: -Why am I the one that always has to initiate sex?

Larry: -Okay, I'll tell you why. I'm available for sex all the time, basically.

Cecyl: -Is that right?

Larry: -So, any time you want to have can have it.

Cecyl: -Wow.

Larry: -But, anytime I want to have it, I can't, so just assume that I want it all the time, so whenever you want it, just tap me on the shoulder.

Cecyl: -Jesus, that's so not how it should go.

Larry: -Well, otherwise, I'll be making moves all the time. Do you want that? Do you want somebody just mouling you all the time? I will treat your brests as if they're mine.

Cecyl: -Ok, just once in a while, I don't want you walking around like that.

Larry: -Well, that's how I'll walk around. You know, I need borders, I need boundaries.

De Curb your enthusiasm.


Blogger Melibé said...

Larry es todo lo bueno de Seinfeld, sin todo lo malo y en ese lugar todo lo mejor.



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